Bias towards the easy

From Ezra Klein:

People talk a lot about media bias. Some say there’s a bias towards liberals or conservatives. Others say it’s towards ostentatious even-handedness, or sensationalism. But one of the most dangerous media biases is simply the bias towards events, sources and narratives that are easy for those of us in the media to cover.

Brussels accountability

First new plants of the season:

Don’t let me obliderate them.


This is definitely a work-in-progress (and based on an Old El Paso recipe), so probably don’t expect too much, but it balances laziness and tastiness well enough that it’s becoming a pretty regular staple for me.

  • ~1.25 lbs chicken breast
  • 16 oz salsa verde
  • 1/2 cup sour cream (plus an extra spoonful)
  • a bunch of chips or taco shells (can be stale)
  • some cheese, mozzarella or pepper jack

Set oven to 350F. In a bowl, mix one and a half cups of the salsa verde with a half cup of sour cream, then set aside. Cut up and pan fry the chicken breast with salt, pepper, hot sauce, lemon zest, whatever else. Use cooking spray on cake pan or casserole dish, then cover bottom with crunched chips/taco shells. Scatter the chicken over the chips, then pour the salsa/sour cream mixture on top. Put some cheese on there.

Now cover all of that with another layer of chips. Now take the remaining salsa verde, mix in bowl with just a spoonful of sour cream, and pour this over the second layer of chips. Add more cheese. Drizzle some tomato-based salsa on top if you’d like. Bake for thirty minutes.

Carrboro Open Streets

Parade at Carrboro’s Open Streets day.

Bash: Basics and miscellany

Running notes and reminders on basic bash (and some other useful commands, in no particular order, that wouldn’t really make sense in another post).

cd: change directory
ls: list contents of directory
pwd: print working directory
hostname: what’s this computer’s name?
mkdir: make directory
rmdir: remove directory
touch: make empty file
cp: copy file (-r for dir)
mv: move or rename file
less: view file (q to escape)
cat: view file without stopping or paging
ctrl-c: stop program
sudo !!: run last command as root

pbcopy <: copy file contents to clipboard
open -a [] [filename]: open file with a given application on OSX
chsh -s /bin/bash: change shell (in this case, to bash)
sips -Z 600 *.jpg: batch resize, retaining aspect ratio, longest side will be 600px
dig +short txt [searchterm] ask Wikipedia for a text record and short URL via DNS