The March Wind

I’ve got a new story, “The March Wind,” coming out in LCRW 33. Take a gander at this lovely cover by Kevin Huizenga:

Both the story and the magazine mean a lot to me – LCRW published my very first piece of fiction exactly ten (!) years ago. And I’m excited to share pages with these folks:

Carmen Maria Machado, “I Bury Myself”
Alena McNamara, “Starling Road”
Giselle Leeb, “Ape Songs”
Michelle Vider, “For Me, Seek the Sun”
Deborah Walker, “Medea”
D. K. McCutchen, “Jellyfish Dreaming”
Sofia Samatar, “Request for an Extension on the Clarity”
M. E. Garber, “Putting Down Roots”
Eric Gregory, “The March Wind”

Christopher Brown, “Winter in the Feral City”
Nicole Kimberling, “Cook Like a Hobo”

Leslie Wightman, “The Sanctity of Nature”
Ingrid Steblea, “Another Afternoon in the Garden”
Kelda Crich, “Child Without Summe”
Peter Jay Shippy, “Singing Beach”

Kevin Huizenga
Dmitry Borshch
Steve Logan

Looks like I’ll be part of a reading at Readercon in a few weeks, for anyone who will be there. Stay tuned for more details.