Garlic-headed buffalo chili

I’ve made this for years but never gotten around to measuring or writing down the ingredients. UNTIL NOW. Here’s what I used last time – it came out pretty well and made enough for two.

I roasted the garlic (like this) and cooked both buffalo and bacon for a minute or two on stovetop. Put it all in the pot, mixed with diced onions and tomatoes and beans and a little tomato paste, let it simmer on low for an hour and a half or so. Then added seasoning and a little more tomato paste, let it go for another hourish. Usually I let it sit for longer; in the past, it’s come out best when I’ve used a crockpot.

This isn’t quite a final draft, and I’ll probably come back and fiddle with it when I make the chili again. But in the meantime: buffalo and bacon and weapons-grade concentrations of garlic.