A festival of links

NC Literary Festival 2014 Lineup
The author lineup for April’s North Carolina Literary Festival is fantastic. Karen Joy Fowler, Junot Diaz, Peter Straub, and many, many more. I’ll be going if at all possible; anyone near the Triangle should give it a look.

Hello Ruby by Linda Liukas
A Kickstarter for a lovely-looking children’s book that teaches the basics of Ruby programming, from a co-founder of Rails Girls. Seems warm and playful and genuinely kid-oriented, which is really cool to see.

Ruby art by Linda Liukas

Horrifying Business Cliches We’re All Tired and Terrified of Hearing

“Let’s make sure that our bases will touch. I will touch your base to my base.”

“Together, we will all circle back. The circle will be mandatory, and it will never end.”

“You are the Thought Leader; you must lead our thoughts.”

Now you must bear the key takeaway. We have taken the key away and entrusted it to you. We only hope we will not Regret Our Investment.