Another hello world

Welcome to the new site! (Or if you’ve never seen the old one: Whew. Hello!)

I’ve been meaning to renovate for a while now, and wondering exactly what I want a frontpage to do for a lot longer. I’m still not completely sure. But I know I’m not really satisfied with the way I’ve used this space in the past (the very occasional photo or link or ramble), and I have some experiments in mind.

Lately I’ve been thinking about what I keep in notebooks and txt files. Mostly

  1. stories theoretically in progress, and
  2. notes on whatever I’m trying to learn at the moment.

Right now, the “whatever” in number two means some recipes, outdoor/garden-y things, and programming stuff. And that’s what I think I want this space to be: less a half-assed journal or editorial column, more a notebook and public workshop for figuring out how to do things I want to know how to do.

The old site is archived on GitHub, and this one is still in progress. I’m planning on expanding the story page soon, and in the short term I expect to make notes mostly about recipes and building websites. We’ll see how it goes.